BS-T2 WiFi - Two-channel recording thermometer (logger) with WiFi access

BS-T2 WiFi Two channel recording thermometer

Wall mount controller. Measures, records and displays on a graphical display temperature from two digital cable sensors with a terminal. Available through any smart WiFi device.

BS-T2 WiFi Two channel recording thermometer


  • • Medication Warehouses
  • • Food Warehouses
  • • Manders
  • • Dryers
  • • Kill
  • • Hives
  • • Mushrooms
  • • Greenhouses
  • • Food transportation
  • • Refrigeration chambers
  • • Animal Watch
  • • Heating monitoring

Made in Bulgaria

Video how BS-T2 WiFi two channel recording thermometer works


• Measures, displays and records a temperature in the range of -40 ° to + 125 ° C from two digital cable sensors external to the device
• Automatically scrolls the work screen with all measured data
• Available with any smart device via Access Point or WiFi Client
• Screen scroll button, memory reset and factory reset
• Personalize log with AP name, owner name, installation location name
• WIFI name and password selection menu, automatic network scanning
• Menus for Minimum and Maximum temperature limits for both channels
• Graphic display showing the last 15 saved reports
• Two-color LED indication for remote alarm monitoring
• Sound signalization at lower or higher than the set temperature
• Sound signalization mute option
• Built-in memory with 8,192 records, endless scrolling, does not lose data when shutdown
• Select recording time - from 1 to 600 minutes
• Exports records to a .CSV file table containing Day, Month, Year, Hour, Minutes, T1°C, T2°C
• Built-in clock and calendar, built-in 3V battery
• Automatically adjusts the date and time from an NTP server on the Internet
• Digital and graphical representation of screen and web interface data
• Power supply from an external 5V DC Adapter with a USB A connector
• Remote firmware update
• Built-in two neodymium magnets for attaching to a metal surface or through a mounting hole in the box
• Does not need to install specialized software, works with any web browser
• Email messages with graphical display of temperatures outside the limits
• Sends data to a site:
• Free access name and password:


Two-channel data logger BS-T2 WiFi is designed for continuous indoor operation. It is mounted on a wall. It is powered by an external 5V USB AC Adapter. It uses digital temperature sensors, external to the device, encapsulated in a metallic capsule, with the option of extending the cord to 30m.

The unit operates continuously in the presence of power. Every 8 seconds on a small, graphical display, 6 working screens are continuously exchanged with all the data necessary for monitoring. Above the display, two, two-color, sequential indicators, comfortable for remote viewing, are triggered when the customer's minimum and maximum temperature limits are interrupted separately for the first and second sensors. When crossing the set Upper limit, the device outputs a short alert tone with upward tones. When crossing the Lower Temperature Limit, the warning sound is downhill. The audible alarm can be turned off and only the light is left.

Measured and recorded data and settings in the BS-T2 WiFi recording thermometer are available through your mobile device or PC on the LAN. Data sent to our server is available from anywhere, at any time in graphical and tabular form. The server can send an email at any intersection of the customer's temperature limit. The email message contains the name of the device, the location of the installation location, the name of the owner company, the type of the alarm (upper or lower limit) and which sensor is generated - first or second, as well as the date, time and minute temperature graph of the activation.

Working with BS-T2 WiFi recording thermometer

BS-T2 WiFi connected to a wireless network
All data and settings are available with any web browser on a smart device - tablet, phone, laptop or desktop PC. The logger can connect to a local WiFi network with name and password setting or be accessed as a Web server if it is installed in a non-WiFi environment.

One of the flip screens shows the local IP address of the device, which the WiFi router automatically assigns to it after correctly entering a name and password.
The BS-T2 WiFi thermometer indicates measured temperature digitally and graphically
Measured temperature T1
from first sensor (left terminal)
shown in digital form
with the date: Day.Month.Year
and time: Hours: Minutes.
Next screen shows graphically
the last 15 saved reports.
Next are two similar screens for T2
connected to a lower right terminal
logger BS-T2 WiFi with light indication for low or high temperature
Crossing the set temperature limits triggered large, two-color
LEDs on the front panel for easy remote viewing.

If the measured temperature is higher than the set Upper limit,
the LED indicator lights up in RED.

If the measured temperature is lower than the Lower limit,
the LED indicator lights up in GREEN.
The QR code of the front panel takes you to the site: where the logger sends data
The customer selects a login name and password for the data site.

The free account shows data from the last 20 days.

A paid account stores an archive for the entire business period,
sends emails to client at alarm levels.
One client account can support multiple loggers.
BS-T2 WiFi smartphone screens
BS-T2 WiFi laptop top and smartphone connection
Real data by BS-T2 WiFi from refrigeration chamber with meat
Real data by BS-T2 WiFi from web site:
Real operation of BS-T2 WiFi mounted on refrigerators

Technical data


The kit includes:

  • Logger BS-T2 Wifi
  • Temperature sensor with 1.0 m cable (two pieces)
  • USB cable A plug - A plug, 1.0 m
  • Free account for 20 calendar days for the site:
  • EUR 100.0 excluding VAT or EUR 120.0 inclusive of VAT

The following components are available outside the kit and on customer request:

  • Impulse adapter AC 200V - DC 5V with two USB outputs - 2.6 EUR without VAT or 3.12 EUR with VAT
  • Extension cable for sensor 4x035 - 0.45 EUR with VAT
  • Memory for 16,000 samples - 3.60 EUR with VAT
  • Memory for 32,000 samples - 7.80 EUR with VAT
  • Site account paid: - 1 EUR per month excluding VAT or 1,20 EUR VAT included



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The graphical display of saved reports was invented by eng. Bisser Banev in 2017. Any other device of a competing firm after that date is considered plagiarism.