BS-HC3 WiFi - Control of an ion boiler for local heating

BS-HC3 WiFi Control of an ion boiler for local heating

DIN rail controller designed for control of all heating appliances, including electro-ionic heating boilers for local heating. Available via WiFi with any smart device.

BS-HC3 WiFi Local heating control


  • • Heater management
  • • Local heating
  • Boiler management
  • • Floor heating
  • Galan, Beril
  • • Thermal control
  • • Ventilation
  • • Dryers

Invented in Bulgaria

Made in Bulgaria

Video how Ion heating boiler controller BS-HC3 WiFi works

Controller BS-HC3 WiFi pictures


• Four working configurations. Automatic identification of the configuration
• Four different working regimes. Change of the regimes by a button on the panel
• Regime „Display Only” stops the control of the pump and boiler by a button on the face panel
• Regime „Normal Work” controls the pump and boiler in compliance with the set temperature limits
• Regime „Pump Non Stop” controls the boiler in compliance with the set limits, without stopping the pump
• Regime „Pump Only” for homogenization of the liquid without turning on the heating
• Hidden regime „Defrost” for motion of the liquid at temperatures under 6,0 °С
• An external input for permission by a room thermostat, remote key or etc.
• It uses digital sensors for temperature up to +99 °С with accuracy 0,1 °С
• Maximum length of the cables of the sensors up to 30 meters from the controller
• It measures input and output temperature of the boiler, room temperature
• Automatic leafing through of the working screens on a graphic display
• A graph of the room temperature for the last 15 minutes
• A graph of output temperature of the boiler for the last 15 minutes
• Indicators for the condition of the pump and heater on the face panel
• A menu for setting the maximum temperature at the boiler’s output
• A menu for setting the minimum temperature at the boiler’s input
• A quick menu for change of the desired room temperature
• It does not permit filling in incorrect settings for work
• A built in hysteresis of the room temperature 0,5 °С
• Programmable time up to 240 s. for turning on of a pump before the heater
• Programmable time up to 240 s. for turning off of a pump after the heater
• It saves the settings upon stopping of the power supply without a built in battery
• It is compatible with all types of AC contactors
• A smooth start and stop of the electricity through the power bodies
• A built in clock for real time with a battery 3V. Synchronization through internet
• Distance renewal of the firmware
• A built in a RC suppressor and varistor on 275V for each symistor output
• A built in protective device 5А. A light emitting diode indication for a burnt protective device
• An installation of a bar DIN RAIL, it occupies space of 3 modules
• Power supply 85-240V AC, 50/60 Hz


  • BS-HC3 WiFi with one sensor for temperature with a cable 1m - 156.00 BGN with VAT
  • BS-HC3 WiFi with two sensors for temperatures - 163.20 BGN with VAT
  • BS-HC3 WiFi with three sensors for temperature - 169.20 BGN with VAT




The controller inherits the
produced more than 10 years ago, following the current Internet Trends Trends.

Since November 2018 we have been producing only a model
BS-HC3 WiFi.