Design of embedded controll systems

Welcome to the lab

Come here to discuss your future controller or electronic system for automation and process optimization.

PCB design and prototyping

25 years experience with programming PIC microcontrollers

We designed 200 flawlessly working devices. We have created 1500 programs in assembler for PIC microcontrollers.

IoT devices

IoT (Internet of Things)

We are developing a series of new devices - loggers and controllers with built-in WiFi and management over the Internet.

data site for our WiFi loggers

We created a data site

The Biser Systems loggers are sending data to: Customers view different processes over the Internet.

Cargo Log Master - Truck temperature and humidity logger with Printer, WiFi, GSP, PIR, LED and sound alarms

New product: Temperature recorder for vehicles, reefers, trucks

We are proud to present the new one Cargo Log Master

BS-t2 WiFi - Two-channel recording thermometer (logger)

New product: Recording thermometer (logger)

Logger BS-t2 WiFi with WiFi access

Who we are

Laboratory for Design and Construction of Automatic Systems and Electronic Devices

Design and Construction of Electronic Devices

We offer complete design and construction of embedded control systems and electronic devices with microcontrollers. Our products are non-standard electronic systems designed to solve specific problems of customers from different areas of households and industry.

What are we doing

Complete design and construction of electronic equipment

  • Sheet engineering and PCB design
  • Programming PIC 10, 12, 16, 18
  • Programming ESP8266, 8285, ESP32
  • Design of keyboards and facial panels. 3D Milling Details
  • Assembling, animating and testing prototypes
  • Designing testers and utilities
  • Data collection from remote devices

Right now

over 320,000 of our controllers work in 18 countries

  • Armoured car security systems

    Security System

    over 380 armored vehicles use our security system
  • Data Loggers

    Data recording

    over 3000 controllers and program applications record information
  • controller for incubator

    Incubators and hatcheries

    750,000 eggs and chickens in incubators are under close control of our devices
  • recorder for vehicles

    Trucks and Chamber Loggers

    Hundreds of trucks transporting food and medicine with our thermographers. Over 450 companies use any of our systems