Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with WiFi access

BS-T&H WiFi Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Miniature controller in an elegant wall mount box. Measures, displays and records temperature and humidity. Available through any smart device with WiFi.


  • • Warehouses for medicines
  • • Warehouses for food
  • • Mandy
  • • Hives
  • • Dryers
  • • Wailing
  • • Mushrooms
  • • Greenhouses
  • • Heating survey
  • • Animal watching
  • • Refrigeration chambers

Made in Bulgaria


• Controller for continuous measurement, indication and recording of temperature and humidity
• Measures, displays and records temperature from a digital sensor in the range from -40 ° to +125 ° C, accuracy +/- 0.4 ° С
• Measures, displays and records humidity from a digital sensor ranging from 3% to +98%, precision 3%
• Automatically scrolls the work screen with all measured data
• Access the logger via any smart device through the Access Point or WiFi Client on your wireless network
• Only 3 buttons: screen scroll, memory reset, and factory reset
• Logger customization menus for AP name, owner name, installation location
• WiFI name and password selection menu, automatic network scanning
• Menus for adjusting the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity limits
• Graphic display and 2-color LED display for remote alarm monitoring
• Built-in memory with 8000 entries, no loss of data when power is lost, endless scrolling
• Select a recording time interval - from 1 to 600 minutes
• Exports the records to a .CSV file in a tabular form containing Day, Month, Year, Time, Minutes, T ° C, H%
• Built-in clock and calendar with 3V battery
• Automatically adjusts date and time from a NTP server on the Internet
• Numeric and graphical representation of screen and web interface data
• Works with power from an external 5V DC adapter or a B-micro USB phone charger
• Does not need to install specialized software, works with any web browser
• Sends data to a server: Emails for parameters beyond borders


Digital data logger BS-T&H WiFi is designed for continuous indoor operation. It is mounted on a wall. Powered by an external network adapter available from the manufacturer or a USM B-micro phone charger. It uses an external temperature and humidity sensor connected to the device with a 1.5 m cable ending with a 3.5 mm jack. It is possible to extend the distance from the sensor to the log up to 6 meters with the manufacturer's extension.

The unit operates continuously in the presence of power. Every 8 seconds on a small, graphical display, 6 working screens are continuously exchanged with all the data necessary for monitoring. Above the display, two two-color sequential indicators are triggered when the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity limits are programmed by the customer.

Measured and saved data and settings in the recording thermometer and hygrometer are available through your mobile device or PC on the local network. Data sent to our server is available from anywhere, at any time in graphical and tabular form. The server can send an email at any intersection of the programmed by the customer limits of temperature and humidity.


Work with the BS-T&H WiFi Thermometer and Hydrometer

All data and settings are available with any web browser on a smart device - tablet, phone, laptop or desktop PC. The logger can connect to a local WiFi network with name and password setting or be accessed as a Web server if it is installed in a non-WiFi environment. On one of the scrolling work screens, the local IP address of the device is displayed, which the router on the WiFi network automatically assigns to it after correctly entering a name and password.
The currently measured temperature is indicated by a large font on the screen in digital format, accompanied by the time and date of the report.
The date is in the format: DAY. MONTH . YEAR
Time is in the format: TIMES: MINUTES
By briefly pressing the bottom right button you can quickly scroll through the screens in their infinite order or wait for them to automatically change every 8 seconds.
After the measured temperature display on the graphical display, a graph of the last 15 saved reports is displayed. The most right of the graph is the newest measured value. Reports are recorded and visualized over the set time interval.
If the measured temperature is higher than the set Upper limit, the LED indicator lights up in RED.
If the measured temperature is lower than the set Lower limit, the LED indicator lights up in GREEN.
With a smooth eclipse and subsequent illumination of the screen, the measured humidity is displayed, along with the date and time of the report.

If the measured humidity is higher than the set Upper limit, the LED indicator lights up in RED.

If the measured humidity is lower than the set Lower Limit, the LED indicator lights up in GREEN.
The triggering of the alarm indicators takes place after each measurement and does not depend on the currently displayed screen. The device measures new data every 2 seconds.
The LED indicators are bright and easily visible from a distance.
The temperature and humidity sensor is in a small box with a built-in magnet to adhere to a metal surface and with a double-sided adhesive foil for non-metallic surfaces.
You do not need to remember the Access Point names of any of your devices, even though they are visible when scanning for available WiFI networks. The name and password are displayed on one of the automatically scanned screens.
By pressing and holding a lower right button you can restore the factory settings and reprogram it with a new username and password using only your smartphone. You can delete all the data in the memory by pressing and holding down the left left button.

Technical data


The kit includes:

  • Logger BS-T&H Wifi
  • Temperature and humidity sensor with 1.0 m cable in jack and magnet box
  • Free account for 20 calendar days for the site:
  • EUR 80.0 excluding VAT or EUR 96.0 inclusive of VAT

The following components are available outside the kit and on customer request:

  • Impulse adapter AC 200V - DC 5V with two USB outputs - 2.6 EUR without VAT or 3.12 EUR with VAT
  • USB cable A plug to B-micro 1.5 meters long - 3 EUR without VAT or 3.60 EUR with VAT
  • USB cable A plug to a B-micro 3 meters long - 6 euros without VAT or 7.20 euros VAT
  • cable extension for sensor with jack and socket, length 2 meters - 5 EUR without VAT or 6 EUR with VAT
  • Site account paid: - 1 EUR per month excluding VAT or 1,20 EUR VAT included



directly with your smartphone near BS-T & amp; H WiFi or via the local network to which it is connected


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The graphical display of saved reports was invented by eng. Bisser Banev in 2017. Any other device of a competing firm after that date is considered plagiarism.