BS-MEL-WiFi Iot logger for installation in machines for monitoring the processes and actions of the employee

BS-MEL-WiFi Logger for installation in machines for monitoring temperature processes and employee actions

Controller for monitoring and recording the status of signals, temperature in machines and actions of the worker. Records events with date and time when each digital input is changed. Daily and monthly working time statistics. Available via WiFi with any smart device.

BS-MEL-WiFi Логер за вграждане в машини за следене на темепратурни процеси и действия на служителя


  • • Charging Stations
  • • Agricultural machinery
  • • Electrical switchboards
  • • Temperature monitoring
  • • Security systems
  • • Thermal control
  • • WiFi control
  • • IoT automation

Invented in Bulgaria

Made in Bulgaria


• Four digital inputs. Set of cables for connecting peripherals
• Analog input with configuration option for 5V, 12V, 24V DC
• Uses digital temperature sensors from -40 to +99 ° C with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C
• Maximum length of sensor cables up to 30 meters from the controller
• Configure which temperature to record
• Customize the logger with AP name, owner name, installation location
• Menu for choosing the name and password of WiFi network, automatic scanning of networks
• Automatic scrolling of work screens on a graphic display
• Temperature graph for the last 15 minutes
• Digital output for external device control
• Output and connection status indicators
• Programmable recording time interval from 1 to 600 minutes
• Calculates the working time of a worker for a day and a month
• Remote permission to work over the Internet
• Saves power failure settings without built-in battery
• Built-in memory for 16,000 tracks with infinite scrolling
• Power supply via USB or external source from 5V to 38V DC
• Built-in real-time clock with 3V battery. Internet adjustment
• No need to install specialized software, works with any web browser
• Sends data to a site:
• Remote firmware update

Photo gallery of the BS-MEL-WiFi camp

If you are wondering what happens to your machine while you are not next to it, this built-in controller will bring peace and clarity through remote access, recording and accurate statistics about the environment and the actions of the worker.

The logger can be powered via a USB cable, via an external 5V terminal or via an additional board with a voltage of 9 to 24 V DC, if installed in a car. The graphic display can be detached from the controller and displayed to a visible viewing area by means of an extension cable. Consumption with WiFi enabled does not exceed 90 mA.

The BS-MEL-WiFi camp has a built-in clock and calendar with automatic internet adjustment and a 3V battery. The memory stores more than 16,000 records of each event that is configured - from digital input when the state changes, from analog input at a set time interval and from 1 to 4 measured temperatures during or when set alarm levels are reached. The memory scrolls endlessly, it does not overflow. The recorded events are transmitted to the data site if the logger is connected to a wireless network with the Internet and / or is available for reading with any smart device within 30 meters.

If you want to monitor, for example, how many times and for how long an actuator has been switched on in the machine, an operator button or a door contact has been pressed, and when changing the cover or activating the electronic sensor and changing the voltage, you have various inputs and ribbon cables in the set, for connection with a minimum of external components.

For temperature monitoring from -40 to + 125 ° С, up to 4 temperature sensors can be connected with a cable up to 30 meters from the logger. The menu configures which temperature to record, at a selected time interval and at which set upper and lower limit levels to send alarm messages.

For remote control, switching on, permission to operate your machine you have a digital output with an open drain and a load capacity of up to 2A. It can control an external relay, indicator or signal to an external electronic module. From the data site you can program automatic triggering of the output at a date and time of your choice. The BS-MEL-WiFi logger can control an external digital potentiometer to regulate an analog value in your machine.

Various statistics, such as working hours for the day and month, can also be displayed on the web interface without installing additional software in the personal phone. All data from the camp is monitored in real time near it or through the data site.

The logger records even without an internet connection. It can work in the field without WiFi. You can provide him with mobile internet via a hot spot on a smartphone once a month. Every 5 minutes and will send 100 unsent entries in reverse order to the data site

  • BS-MEL-WiFi with one temperature sensor with cable 1m - 165.00 Euro
  • Temperature sensor with cable 1 m - 5.20 Euro
  • Additional board for car power supply - 14 Euro
  • Monthly subscription for the site: - 2 Euro


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The BS-MEL-WiFi logger can save you a lot of money on fuel to the site with detailed performance statistics and remote control to eliminate human error problems.